3 Tips to Make Better Cannabutter: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

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Learn 3 easy Tips to Make Better Cannabutter today on Marijuana Tips and Tricks. Save $$$ with code RUFFHOUSE on the tCheck THC checker: 

By using proper ratios of marijuana to butter oil, learning how to clarify butter and why as well as the use of an emulsifier you’ll be making high quality cannabutter every time.

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6 thoughts on “3 Tips to Make Better Cannabutter: Marijuana Tips & Tricks

  1. Well this is why the illegal cannabis market in Canada is still so strong, as long as the dispensaries keep charging what they do, most people that use large amounts wouldn’t want to pay what they are charging. To make a lb of canabutter the legal way it would cost me about $270-$330 Canadian to make. I recently ordered a bottle of sunflower lecithin for making gummies, nice to have more than one thing to use it in considering the price. Cheers

  2. Do you remember the THC % on the weed you’d used for this? I was wondering if maybe with a higher THC concentration, maybe I could get away with using less weed? I’ve got 20% at 5/8 of an ounce and was wondering if that would still make a high infusion? Tips?

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