Flying with Marijuana

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LIKE/FAV – Apr 13 2014. The day I left behind Toronto for an adventure in Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon arriving at the airport I immediately faced a funny situation regarding my dreadlocks, airport security, and 3 grams of cannabis stored away in my medtainer. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Flying with Marijuana

  1. I had a a same cillinder case like that one filled like for 12 joints and I was traveling in Ecuador and I forgot I had it in my bag pack since I had like 4 or 5 of the same ciliders filled weed “bought in ecuador”I have given tosome plp thinking I had to flay and it was risky but forgot 1.. And i flew to peru landed bough weed there smoke it travelled to chile bought weed there and smoked it and then I flew to Argentina and that’s when I realised I still had the tube hahah like 5 airports and no one notices…then again it’s south America and it’s not such a big deal there

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